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We have hidden surveillance cameras in all sorts of different devices. All the hidden cams listed here are hardwired security cameras that have a video and power connector. You can connect the video cable coming out of the camera to any DVR recorder, or TV Monitor. Be sure to purchase the right length of video cable that you need for your project. The power connector from the camera connects in to a 12 Volt Power Adaptor that plugs in to the wall.

You can also use one of our camera battery packs to run the hidden camera. The operating time on batteries varies for each spy camera based on how much power it consumes. You can calculate the number of hours the camera of your choice will run on the battery pack by dividing the number of amp hours of the battery by the number of amps of current the camera consumes.

Be sure to check out all of our surveillance camera equipment. If there is something that you need and you can’t find online, please contact us.

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